Hosting is a process of storing and maintaining the files uploaded on the internet those files can be either of a website or can be a list for email marketing or can be of online software etc. It is expected from web host service provider to provide around-the-clock connection through a network of expensive, high-end and complicated hosting servers. They provide space on the hosting server, allowing webmasters to publish the necessary information of web page. The most popular types of hosting are VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.

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When a single dedicated server is divided into different virtual servers and sold to different customers it is called VPS hosting. A virtual server is a mini server inside a mega server which provides the benefits of a dedicated server. On the other hand the shared server is a dedicated server distributed to hundreds of customers who are using the same resources including very few IP addresses available, with other people. Many startup online businesses go for the shared hosting because it is economic in comparison to VPS.

But let me tell you some long term benefits of VPS which are better than the shared hosting:

Dedicated hosting resources: With VPS hosting, you will have individual and independent memory and disk space. Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to monitor the websites. You also have a lot of versatility in the sites to develop and the type of tools to use for them. For example, with VPS web host, there are enough sources to make and handle several cron tasks for several sites. This is not possible in the case of shared hosting because you are restricted to the sources available to you.

Special Tools: VPS hosting will fulfill all your needs, like if you want the allocation of a simple email server or you need a virtual private network that will require heavy traffic and extensive database applications. There are minimal amounts of allocations in terms of both bandwidth and memory that is needed to handle those tools. Even if your shared hosting Control Panel has features for scripting frameworks, email hosting server, and so on, they always have restricted uses. This is not the case if you have a VPS hosting.

More Secure: VPS hosting account is more secure and have a lot of privacy, actually that is the reason why it is called private server. The administrator has the power to implement different secure configurations because the server has environments containing independent file systems. Each user has limited resources in terms of security because shared server runs under the same operating system. And if one of the accounts in shared server got corrupted then it may harm all accounts on the server. VPS hosting also allows you to change the administrative rights, firewall and operating system of your server the way you like.

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