Virtualization is a software technology which uses a physical resource such as a server and divides it up into virtual resources called virtual machines (VM’s).

According to this Definition, Virtualization is a significant part of VPS server so it is very difficult to choose right technology for server. Because at present, there are many virtualization technologies like OpenVZ, Xen, VMware, etc. available in market. So “Is OpenVZ virtualization right for my VPS?” This is common question which arise in mind.

According to professional’s view, OpenVZ virtualization is right choice for making your VPS because OpenVZ creates multiple isolated Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) on a single physical server to share hardware and administration effort with maximum efficiency. Each VPS performs and Executes exactly like a stand-alone server for its user’s.

OpenVZ is able to achieve better performance, scalability and density because there is a single Linux kernel running on the physical host  so each container only taking up the resources necessary for running the processes / services.

Another benefit of OpenVZ VPS server is that it offers a wide variety of dynamic resource management parameters including some for memory usage, number of processes, CPU usage, computer disk space usage etc… All of which may be changed while the canister is running. It supports up to 4096 CPUs and up to 64 GB of RAM on 32-bit with Physical Address Extension (PAE).

A conclusion is that OpenVZ is the best choice as Virtualization technology for best virtual server. also provides an unmanaged Linux server with OpenVZ .

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