How to Secure Your E-Commerce Website?

Running an e-commerce website is dependent on a robust server that can handle high to very high traffic. But is that enough? For your e-commerce business to run successfully, you will need to also make sure that your visitors have a safe and secure browsing and buying experience. To provide this experience, you require the backbone of scalablehosting with SSL certificate. Secure your e-commerce website with a trusted web hosting provider. Remain your website update and repair. Back up your website data regularly, use a website application firewall.


There are many cheap Linux server hosting options online. But, which hosting server will provide you with a secure server? There are many types of servers, as a physical server, Linux reseller hosting servers, Dedicated servers, etc. However, a physical server can be expensive, and not all businesses have the kind of budget to install and manage it. Dedicated servers can also be expensive. Secure shared hosting server can still have vulnerabilities that can jeopardize your website and visitors. A better and cheaper option is to go for VPS Hosting or a Linux reseller web hosting. Choose the best e-commerce hosting service and secure your e-commerce website with a trusted web hosting provider.

Linux Reseller Hosting:

Your E-commerce business will be better off with a cheap Linux reseller web hosting where you will enjoy complete access to your server. You also can get access to one user or unlimited users for better management and supervision. Linux server hosting provides users with unique and secure password authentication.

What is a VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is also known as Virtual Private Server Hosting. The beauty of VPS hosting is that it is a remote segment of the server which is not shared with any other server and provides complete freedom to the user to install, customize and manage hardware and software.


There are various types of virtual private servers like Cloud VPS web hostingKVM VPS HostingFully managed VPS hosting, and Unmanaged VPS hosting. Every VPS type provides many features, and your business can choose the one that can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure.

Following are the features of VPS hosting that will safeguard your e-commerce website and provide a safe and interactive user experience:

  1. Full SSH access and Root access.
  2. Real-time server status is provided which helps you keep a tab on the health of your server instantly.
  3. The Sever provider, in this case, Alpha VBox monitors and provides a 24/7 server and networking.
  4. Enjoy guaranteed 99.99% server uptime.
  5. SSL Certificate can be added to the hosting package to provide a secure browsing experience. Any sensitive data and information present on the server and website are secure.
  6. Regular server backup
  7. Freedom to create single/multiple databases that are protected with a secure and robust firewall.
  8. The server is protected, with strong built-in antivirus and firewall software. It defends the server and website from malware, cyber-attacks, viruses, etc.
  9. Safe and secure Business emailing facility where you can create multiple domains and email accounts which is provided by Alpha Sandesh, one of the best bulk email hosting providers.

Alpha VBox has the best VPS Server Hosting and Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans for your business for a flying start with a secure website experience, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and advanced 24/7 technical support. For more information on Plans or for any queries, click here.

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