What Are The Advantages Of Linux Reseller Hosting?

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If you are a company looking for hosting solutions that can be extended to your customers, then you must consider Reseller Hosting. Reseller Hosting is a great outsourcing option for business hosting. It lowers costs, reduces workload and, your work is faster. Advantages of unlimited Linux reseller hosting service can change your perspective for Linux

The two Reseller Hosting options a business can opt for are:

  • Linux Reseller Hosting
  • Windows Reseller Hosting

Among the two, cheap Linux reseller web hosting is more popular than Windows Hosting since Linux is an open-source hosting service with flexible features.
What is Linux Reseller Hosting
That is a hosting where a hosting provider, in this case, Alpha VBox provides its clients their hosting space to be rented to other businesses or third parties.

Why choose Linux Hosting instead of Windows Hosting?

  • Linux is the most preferred operating system for web servers as it has more features that web designers use.
  • It gives complete access to more than one user and provides better management and supervision.
  • It provides cloud backup and encryption of files.
  • It enables accelerated hosting, where websites load faster and guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Server management services of a web hosting company like Alpha VBox offer unique features like multiple domains and unlimited bandwidth with Linux Reseller web hosting plans.
Advantages of Linux Reseller Hosting when you choose Alpha VBox, a cheap unlimited reseller hosting USA: 

  • Cheaper than Windows Hosting: Since Linux is a free, open-source system, there is no need to pay licensing fees or operational costs like in Windows. It is a cost-effective option.
  • Secure Server: Alpha VBox offers flexible VPS, Linux, and KVM unlimited reseller hosting plans that are secure and safe. Server maintenance is also a part of the security of the site. Benefits of server maintenance from a security perspective, not an only secure a site but also increase the site efficiency.
  • Benefits PHP based business: If your business uses PHP scripting language, then Linux reseller hosting servers are ideal and reliable for your business.
  • Application compatibility: Once setup, you can integrate different apps as it is compatible with many popular apps like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and manage your business website easily.
  • Lower Costs: When you purchase unlimited reseller hosting plans through Alpha VBox, you lower your cost as you can do bulk purchases of server space and bandwidth, giving you better pricing options to hand down to your customers.
  • Additional Hosting Functions: When you take a reseller hosting from Alpha VBox, you are getting hosting additional functions, like server maintenance – site logs and advanced analytics, upgrade of software/hardware, secure and robust firewall, Linux Pam authentication, etc.

Alpha VBox has the best Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans for your business to have a flying start with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and advanced 24*7 technical support for better performance of your client’s website.

For more information on Linux Reseller Hosting, click here.

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