What Are The Benefits Of Server Maintenance From A Security Perspective?

You have a workforce working to cater to your customers non-stop, and your online business sales are booming but, then you have a glitch or a security breach in your server, and your website is down. That is unexpected, yet a very much possible scenario. That is why it is wise to invest in managed dedicated server hosting which takes care of server management, maintenance, monitoring, and security of your server. Benefits of Server Maintenance is the best way to increase business efficiency.

Many website owners want to go with securing their server and opt for server management and maintenance, but many times they are not sure what all these services entail or the benefits that are getting through this kind of service. Apart from general maintenance, and management of hardware, software, and backups, server management takes care of the security of the server and network.

Benefits of Server Maintenance from a security perspective: 

  • With the latest, up-to-date antivirus software installation, your server and network will be protected from virus or malware attacks. 
  • Unauthorized traffic can be monitored and kept out by placing firewalls. 
  • Put in place authorization software for password secured logins and regular password changes. 
  • All external network connections and sensitive information that is stored on the server are encrypted in layers. 
  • SIEM or Security information and event management tools when implemented helps in providing real-time analysis of the network or server and provides security alerts. 
  • Potential threats can be analyzed and can be averted when best practices security logging is in place. 

The two main types of server hosting that are commonly used by businesses are: 

Dedicated Server: 

A dedicated server is where the user has complete control, access, and hosting of the server is dedicated to only one user or business. All files and information stored on the server are only accessible by the user. The user has full root access and makes the website faster. These are mostly unmanaged. 

There are reputed dedicated server providers in the USA like Alpha InfoLab, that make sure the Dedicated server plans are affordable and flexible, can blend into your existing business infrastructure and budget. 

VPS Server 

VPS means Virtual Private Server, meaning the server has individual or private accessibility that is virtualization in nature, where multiple servers can be hosted and managed on a single piece of hardware. These can be managed or unmanaged. That is an evolved version of Dedicated Hosting, where the user has full root access but, all this is virtual. On a single VPS, multiple users can set up their websites, but every user has unique access to their server. That is a more affordable type of server hosting when compared to a Dedicated server. The Server Hosting service by Alpha InfoLab is Alpha Vbox, which offers three types of VPS hosting plans:

  • Easy VPS: This is ideal for businesses or individuals with fairly reasonable traffic to the business website. Enjoy uninterrupted uptime, huge capacity, and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Power VPS: The cheap Power VPS USA is, offered to businesses that require a powerful server and immense speed and uptime for an interactive website experience. 
  • KVM VPS server: KVM is also called Kernel Virtual Machine server is a visualization solution where separate kernels are allotted to every user. Every kernel has top-notch security, efficient management, high performing servers, 100% uptime, complete data encryption, and much more. 

For managed or unmanaged dedicated server hosting, a business can get better services and server management with the help of a reputed IT Solutions and Services Provider. 

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