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Why Choose

Business Email Hosting?

Build brand trust with your clients and communicate with professional Business Emails.


Robust SMTP, IMAP, and POP3

An agile SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server will let you effectively send emails to your clients and seamlessly integrate with IMAP and POP3 to receive emails.


Dedicated IPs for bulk mailing

Dedicated IPs enable bulk emailing, help avoid spamming, enjoy clean IPs for high email deliverability.


Safe and Secure Emails and credentials

Keep hackers away or avoid breaches by securing all-important company emails and client credentials with strong built-in software and tools to detect malware or virus.

business email

Star Features of

Business Email Hosting?

Easy Email Account Migration or Setup

It is easy to migrate your existing Email Accounts to Alpha VBox or set up new business accounts.

Customize Email Campaigns

Create and send spam-free personalized emails or product campaigns to clients with attractive images, videos and for high open rates and click-through rates.

Multiple Business Emails

Setup multiple business emails for the company’s employees.

Advanced Spam Filters

Guard and secure your business emails with advanced spam filters.

Scalable Email Storage Space

Storage space for emails can be scaled up or down based on company requirements.

Email Automation

Our hosting solutions provide you with the ease to automate your emails like schedule emails and tasks, trigger emails, and more.

Alpha VBox has the best Business Email Hosting plans. Ready to start sending business emails? Leave your business emails to us for a hosting package that is easy to set up, simplify your communication with your clients, enjoy 99.9% uptime and 24/7 technical support.