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Why Choose

Cloud Hosting?

Hosting your websites on a Cloud server with maximum low-cost storage space with added security.


Disk Space like a Dedicated Server

Let your clients enjoy huge Disk Space like a dedicated server for several domains, high-speed data transfer, unlimited bandwidth for high site traffic and more.


Full access and Hassle-free control

Linux Reseller hosting provides complete accessibility and control to manage your client’s websites, security to individual websites, and lots of website building tools.


Start your own Web Hosting Business

Our world-class US Linux Reseller hosting services at affordable pricing plans enable you to easily set up your own web hosting business.

cloud hosting

Star Features of

Cloud Hosting

Databases and Infrastructure

Better RAM, More SSD Disk Space, CPU that integrates into your existing infrastructure.

Cloud Scalability

Cloud is easily scalable to fit any business size.

Customize popular

Cloud Solutions – Choose any popular cloud solution to be easily customizable, like AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Cloud and more.

High-speed website

Your websites will enjoy better speed giving your visitors the best website experience.

Reduced Operating Costs

With no physical servers to maintain you have reduced operating costs.

Fully Managed

Our fully managed Cloud Hosting services make sure your server is always up and running, with timely maintenance and 24/7 data monitoring.

Alpha VBox is your ideal cloud hosting partner that understands your requirements and accordingly scales solutions and efficiently manage your websites.