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Common FAQs


You can host from 1 website to unlimited number of websites on a server depending on the plan you choose. Click here to see our plans.

Hosting a website is cost-effective with Alpha VBox. See our Hosting plans here.

Dedicated Server is where our client leases an entire server without sharing it with any other client giving full access, authority to choose OS, hardware etc.

Whereas VM or Virtual Machine host is where Alpha VBox creates and hosts a virtual server for its client to run applications and programs like a physical server.

In simple words, web hosting is a service provided by a hosting company for a fee to businesses to host their websites on the World Wide Web and makes it visible and accessible to internet users.

A website hosting company, here Alpha VBox provides Hosting and Server services to businesses based on their requirements. Businesses can opt for a Dedicated Server or a Virtual Private Server. One can also host their websites on our server.

Acquiring a domain can be daunting for a non-technical person, since it involves a lot of steps. Hence Alpha VBox is here to make this entire process of getting a domain seamless and straightforward. Speak to our Network Experts today for any queries.

Yes, Alpha VBox can seamlessly transfer your existing domain name to Alpha VBox. The entire process is easy and simple.

The process of transferring your domain is very simple, yet differs from company to company. Just leave all the complexities to our experts and they will take care of it. Speak to our experts to know more about our domain transfer process.

WHMCS is a leading Web Hosting Management and Billing software. Whereas, WHM or Web Host Manager provides Alpha VBox and clients the ability to manage automated tasks on the server. WHM is an essential component for WHMCS to work properly.

KVM or Kernel Virtual Machine is a technology or solution that is virtual can be built in and transform a default Linux hardware into a hypervisor. This enables administrators to run multiple virtual machines for clients using one KVM. Each KVM hardware has space to run an Operating System, network card, disk, and more.

Server Cloning is a shortcut method of duplicating configurations of an existing server.

Dual Stack is a where IPv4 and IPv6 can co-exist and run on devices simultaneously giving access to content to end users.

Alpha VBox is one among a few companies around the world who are offering IPv6 Hosting to companies giving them the power their website with an IPv6 address and stay connected with end users who are using next generation technology like IoT, Voice Assistants and more.