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Why must a website be IPv6 Compatible?

IPv6 is the new buzzword in the world of internet. IPv6 is the sixth version of Internet Protocol, a successor to IPv4 (addresses are run out) which is still being used widely, however having IPv6 addresses for your company is the way to go.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may not be providing you with IPv6 facility, and there are very few websites who are on IPv6. You can do an IPv6 Compatibility Test and know if your website is IPv6 Compatible or not. Most likely, your website isn’t. Then what does it mean?

To answer this question, let us first enlighten you about world facts about IPv6 :

  • More than 25% internet connected networks have already deployed IPv6
  • Some of the major players who are already on IPv6 are Google, LinkedIn, Akamai and Facebook.
  • Some of the major mobile networks and ISPs around the world are on IPv6, like Reliance Jio, Vodafone and Idea Cellular in India, Comcast, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless in USA, KDDI Corporation and Softbank in Japan, Sky Broadband UK, Deutsche Telekom AG in Germany and many more.

Advantages of IPv6

Compatible with IoT devices
Google prioritizes IPv6 enabled websites
70% - 80% email deliverability
Faster connectivity
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Alpha VBox’s IP Deployment Services Include

  • Provide unlimited IPs
  • Create IP network access
  • Easy IP deployment on host machines
  • Easy access of IP by end user
  • IP Configuration
  • IP security and surveillance
  • Uninterrupted IP connectivity
  • Manage multiple IPs

Alpha VBox Server Management Services Include

  • Understanding your company’s requirements
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Server setup from scratch
  • Manage existing network infrastructure
  • Server security management
  • Optimize or migrate to a better network
  • Monitoring, timely analysis and diagnosis
  • Backup and recovery of server
  • 24/7 technical and customer support

Our network administrators will make sure your business is always running without any interruptions and also provide augmented services if need be.

Contact our server experts now for a comprehensive solution for your business, whether it is to provide complete server management or just server setup. Get in touch with us and improve your working performance. We are all ears to any queries you may have.