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Why Choose

KVM VPS Hosting?

KVM or Kernel Virtual Machine is a visualization solution for top-notch performance without compromising on security.

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Complete Data Encryption

Enjoy complete data encryption that is secure on your hosting package.

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Each VPS has a separate Kernel

Separate Kernel provides security to your business and clients, efficient management, servers with high-performance, 100% Uptime and more.

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Choice of Hosting Location

Since we have servers in India and the US, you are free to choose a hosting location for your business server.

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Star Features of

KVM VPS Hosting

Independent Databases and Infrastructure

Independent servers enable you to have individual databases and infrastructure, without clashing with other data or users.

Unaffected by others on a server

Having a server with no interference from other users makes sure your server is faster and safer.

Dedicated Resources

All resources of the server are dedicated, so that you have exclusive access and don’t have to share it with other users.

Install APPS and other Features

The beauty of a KVM VPS hosting is that you can install APPS and many other features like you would do in a normal hosting package.

Budget-friendly Costs

At budget-friendly costs you pay less for KVM VPS Hosting, yet enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server.

Supports all kinds of OS

It supports any OS you would like to install like, Linux – cPanel, Plesk, Ubuntu, Windows etc.

Powered by SSD

Agile super speed SSD make your servers run at light speed.

Reliable and Flexible environment

Hosting environment that is reliable and flexible for any kind of business website – high traffic, demanding traffic etc.