Best Linux Reseller Web Hosting

What is VestaCP?

VestaCP is a superior open source control panel. Alpha VBox provides the best unlimited linux reseller web server and managed hosting services in the USA.

Powerful Web Interface

With VestaCP, your company website has the benefits of:

  • Load on the server is less
  • Uses less RAM
  • Low disk usage

Faster Server

VestaCP delivers optimized configuration for low/medium/high RAM server types and hence, your website runs faster on its server.

With Alpha VBox you get VestaCP’s Best Features:

  • Domain provision on the host;
  • User groups permission;
  • Create DNS reports;
  • Create mail accounts;
  • Single/Multiple databases;
  • Server statistics;
  • Capable of handling low to medium to heavy traffic, page views or online users;
  • Secure and robust firewall;
  • Web interface available in 26 languages and regions worldwide;
  • Daily backups you want;
  • Site logs and analytics are provided;
  • Convenient and simple to use;
  • Anti-virus and Anti-spam;
  • Easy and lightweight deployment;
  • Linux PAM authentication provides unique and secure passwords;
  • 24/7 Technical Support;
  • Additional software and features like Softaculous, Vesta Integration can be made available with a fee.

Speak to server experts of Alpha VBox now to find out more about VestaCP and cheap unlimited linux reseller hosting plans and migration solutions for your business requirements.

Start your hosting business easily

Alphavbox offers world-class US Linux reseller hosting services at affordable pricing plans based on clients’ requirements such as several domains, disk space, and data transfer. We take care of your investment and offer you reliable hosting services at exceptionally low prices. We have the best Linux reseller web hosting plans for you with 99.9% uptime guarantee and advanced 24*7 technical support, through which you can make better performance of your website.

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