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server cloning

Why Choose

Server Cloning?

Alpha VBox seamlessly creates an exact copy or mirror image of a virtual machine or server, duplicating the data, high performance and a backup of a server.

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Excellent Way to Backup

Server cloning makes backup easy and hassle-free, saving you time and effort.

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Automation of Post-Cloning tasks

At Alpha VBox, our experts automate and execute in-house scripts that are part of post-cloning tasks.

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Easy Transition

With Server cloning, administrators can do an easy transition of server from Test to Development.

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Star Features of Server Cloning

  • Cloning all Storage Devices backups
  • Cloud Server Cloning
  • Pre-Cloning Analysis of Server
  • Custom Image creates System Device Clone
  • Post-Cloning Preparations
  • Clone a Physical Server
  • Clone a Virtual Machine
  • Clone a Windows Server
  • Clone a Linux Server
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