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sneaker proxies

Who can use

Sneaker proxies?

A business selling sneakers or a person who collects limited edition sneakers are better off using sneaker proxies.

What is Sneaker Proxies?

Sneaker proxies are private proxies that enable a user to buy limited-edition sneakers from any e-commerce site.

Why use Sneaker Proxies?

The e-commerce websites that sell limited-edition sneakers are usually restricted or not easily available on the internet. The e-commerce or store site may further limit the period the sneakers are displayed on the website and also limit the number of pairs of sneakers a person can buy from a single account. For this reason, the secondary market is usually flooded with limited-edition sneakers that are sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Hence, Sneaker proxies enable buyers to get hold of limited-edition sneakers quickly.

Features of

Sneaker Proxies

  1. SSL- Encrypted: They are SSL-encrypted, that means when you buy sneakers, your card information is secure.
  2. Exclusive Proxies: Sneaker proxies are exclusively used for sneakers' websites.
  3. Multiple IPs: Provide multiple IPs to the user so that bans or cancellations are avoided.
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Benefits of sneaker proxies

  • Increase speed and internet connection over regular IPs.
  • Sneaker proxies enable a user to send multiple requests from multiple IPs, so that the high-authority e-commerce sneaker sites, like Nike, Adidas, etc. are unable to identify the sender, a machine in this case, hence the user will not get banned or blocked by the server.
  • Appear as a legitimate proxy.
  • It has VPN qualities, so the user may be shown as located in a particular place and time zone.
  • Beat competitors to cop hyped sneaker releases.
  • Uses multiple IPs that are unique and make you appear as multiple people using multiple IPs who are buying limited-edition sneakers.
  • Cop multiple times since hyped release sites only allow one person to buy one sneaker.

What are sneaker bots?

Sneaker bots are automation tools that can be installed as an application on your desktop. These bots then perform automated tasks to make your sneaker purchases easy and streamlined.

Our sneaker proxies can easily integrate with sneaker bots like Nike Shoe bot, AIO (All in one) bot, Another Nike Bot, Better Nike Bot, Easy Copy Ultimate, Sneaker Bot 4 all and more such.

Easily grab more limited-edition sneakers with the help of Alpha proxies to hide your IP address. Deploying more sneaker proxies gives you a far better chance of grabbing more limited-edition sneakers.

Alpha VBox believes that reliability is king and hence when it comes to shoe proxies, choose Alpha proxies, the best proxies will help you grab the best sneakers.